EnSuite® Story

EnSuite® eXpress is part of the EnSuite® group of enterprise solutions, supporting a full range of energy settlement and financial management needs, from industrial-strength settlement management systems for central market operators, to licensed on-site systems for market participants, to easy-to-use web-based services for a wide range of requirements. Each is backed by the full depth of EnDimensions expertise and comes with full access to our help desk and support group, 24/7.


EnSuite® eXpress is a streamlined, rapid response solution for energy settlements and market analytics in North America and around the world.

No need to dedicate staff for downloading and processing dozens of data files per day. EnSuite® eXpress automates the entire process for settlement statements, invoices, market data and supporting data. Simply log in to EnSuite® eXpress to display and browse through the data, create reports, export data and validate charge amounts.

EnSuite® eXpress is offered as a hosted solution to maximize the value and minimize cost. Data is hosted on secure cloud servers with physical security, access control, backup and recovery. Up to ten years of data may be stored for online access at any time. All data is fully backed up, fully auditable and can be exported to the customer at any time.

EnDimensions offers a number of service levels, from basic download and browse automation to charge code shadowing and advanced financial analytics. New accounts can be set up in less than one week.

Key Features

Fully automated data acquisition, loading, and storage.
Fully auditable tracking of all additions, deletions and revisions.
Easy browser-based data access:

  • Market awards
  • Market prices
  • Dispatch data
  • Settlement statements
  • Invoices
  • Supporting data

User configurable task automation and monitoring

  • Stop, start, repeat, or postpone any task
  • Review the status of any task
  • Create task dependencies and sequences

Settlement validation and shadow calculations for all charge codes.
A full range of settlement and market reports, including accruals and invoicing.
Blazing performance from the same high speed, high reliability computation engine that powers our large-scale settlements systems.