Dispatch and Energy Validation

Key Features

  • Verify total expected energy (EE), ADS dispatch, ancillary service awards, etc.
  • Validate EE allocations for quantity, price and service type
  • Calculate energy costs, bid cost recovery, startup and minimum load costs
  • Calculate exceptional dispatch (EDE) and derate/rerate (SLIC) energy
  • Verify eligibility for startup, minimum load and transition cost recovery
  • Verify feasibility of commitment instructions with respect to minimum up time, minimum down time and maximum daily starts
  • Identify discrepancies and drill down to root cause


Many of the most important settlement charge codes in the CAISO model depend directly on dispatch and unit commitment instructions scheduling coordinators receive from CAISO.

In particular, recovery of unit startup and minimum load costs depends on the interplay between energy schedules, ancillary services and unit commitment instructions. These are captured in the Expected Energy quantities and the Unit Commitment flags published by the CAISO. The Dispatch and Energy Validation Module calculates all EE quantities, types and unit commitment flags. It compares shadow quantities with CAISO values, highlights discrepancies and provides rapid drill down into the supporting data.

The Dispatch and Energy Validation Module can locate discrepancies and recover revenue that shadow settlements calculations miss.